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Dendrobium electric hypercar: the 1500 horsepower vehicle from singapore

Singapore’s first hypercar is in development by a new company called vanda electric. the ‘dendrobium’, named after a singaporean species of orchid, is an ambitious project that’s expected to produce 1500 horsepower, 4000 Nm of torque and a frightening 0-100 km/h time of 2.6 seconds. with the williams advanced engineering team on board, we are excited to catch first sight of the electric hypercar prototype at the 87th geneva international motor show in march.



We were invited to design and deliver the refurbishment of a derelict workshop building in Hampshire to provide a headquarters for a British automotive company specialising in the servicing, restoration and racing of both modern and historic cars.

The clean and muted environment of the workshop provides a calm backdrop for the colourful array of supercars. Storage and parts are positioned on raised mezzanine areas to the side leaving a large double height area in the centre. A metal stair with cantilevered treads leads up to a break-out area at first floor, overlooking the workshop through a veil of timber louvers.

Photography: Martin Gardner

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